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First Age of Strife

It was decades after the Great War that humans began to settle here. Beginning as small hamlets, many grew over the coming decades to become large towns. All independent hunter-gatherer tribes, the people of Magador had no identity as a country. For centuries the land was fragmented and warring, fortresses were built and sacked, lands plundered, cities built and raised, and alliances made and broken. The land was fragmented and warring, and in a state of turmoil for many, many years. This was known as the First Age of Strife.

Magador is Formed

The neighbouring country of Oun, having tamed and settled its own lands by now, began to explore into Magador, so-named for it was the atian world for "wilderness". It sent parties of soldiers, scholars, and craftsmen to speak to the people of the untamed land to the south.

Over the next few decades, travellers from Oun integrated with the Magadorians. They brought a new sense of order to the Magadorians and instilled a sense of law and justice where before there had been none. People rose up and overthrew oppressors, and came to regard the people from Oun as saviours. Many soldiers of Oun who were deployed on these expeditions were there for years, causing bonds and alliances to made among those from Oun and people of Magador. They begin to integrate with a new way of life, and many of those from Oun became torn between the new land they were staring to form and their homeland.

Onith BladeBright, commander-in-chief of the forces sent into Magador (and brother to the then Weapon Master and leader of Oun, Arath BladeBright), fell in love with a Magadorian woman named Shara, and broke away from Ounish command with a large proportion of his forces siding with him. Distance from the rule of Oun, combined with exposure to a freer way of life, separated them from the vows they took in allegiance to Oun.

When ordered to return, Onith demanded that his wife and some of his family were able to become Ounish citizens, When this was rejected, Onith refused to come back to Oun. Arath demanded that Onith meet him for a duel to settle this treachery. Onith's honour dictated that he accept, and the two met on the site where the fortress of Harrow gate now stands.

The two brothers' duel lasted for well over an hour, and both sustained grave wounds during the conflict. In the end, though, Arath proved to be the stronger. However, as Onith knelt defeated and prepared himself to receive the killing blow, Onith's new wife, Shara, threw herself in the way and took the blow for him.

Arath, shocked that she would do such a thing, and ashamed that he had slain someone who was unarmed, spared Onith's life. Arath told him that he could go back into Magador, but could never again return to Oun.

The Golden Age

Onith BladeBright effectively became king of Magador, even though no official ceremony occurred nor was any regle title bestowed. Yet Onith led his new people, who are willing to listen to this intelligent man of great strength, and who took one of their own as a wife, and established Rhustor as the capital of Magador. They saw Onith as a hero, or an icon for look up to, and thus he became known as The Icon. Thereafter, all BladeBrights who took became leader of Magador was known as The Icon. Magador as a country was formed in these times; the people forming an identity within themselves through the interloper from Oun, and for the next few decades Magador began to establish itself as a country and flourished under the BladeBright dynasty. This was known as the Golden Age.

Almost a century later, an army of ghreal invaded from the south, smashing into The Breach and eventually breaking through that and the fortress of Khallan to strike at the heart of Magador itself. The ghreal laid waste to great swathes of forest, forming the barren planes that still lie across modern-day Magador. They burned crops and decimated small settlements, leaving only the few largest and best defended cities under bitter siege.

The battle for Rhustor was the focal point of the whole war from then on. If it was to fall and The Icon at that time, Harnar BladeBright, was slain, then all of Magador would be lost. However, as all seemed hopeless, a large host from Oun swept up behind the ghreal forces and aided the Magadorians in battle.

Even this, though, may not have been enough, and if not for a struggle within the ghreal homeland itself which caused them to withdraw their forces from Magador altogether, the end result could have been the destruction of Magador and, in turn, Oun as well.

In the aftermath of the invasion, as Magador rebuilt itself, an alliance known as The Bond was formed between Magador and Oun.

The duel between Arath and Onith at Harrow Gate had not been forgotten by either side, and as the current ruler of Magador at that time, Harnar BladeBright, was a descendant of one of those who battled in that duel, so too was the then current Ounish Weapon Master, a woman by the name of Elianor BladeBright.

So it was that the two descendants of that conflict long ago then became allies, and vowed that Magador and Oun would work together in the years to come. That Bond has remained steadfast ever since.

The rebuilding of Magador took many decades to achieve, though under the leadership of a BladeBright the Magadorian people united and slowly began to put their country back together again. However, during this time food was in short supply, plague was rife, and crime was rampant. Magador was a burnt out husk of its former self, but slowly improved over the years.

It took centuries for Magador to become anything like it had been during The Golden Age, though it might have again if disaster had not struck.

Second Age of Strife

In the year 445 the adolescent Fileius BladeBright became the Icon of Magador after his father and elder brother both succumbed to the plague.

Unlike all others in his bloodline, Fileius was lazy and selfish. Some said that it was his age, others that it was just his nature, and others said he was bewitched by the Black Arc. Whatever the causem he had no love for Magador or its people, and his reign involved him indulging himself in personal pleasures as the country slowly fell back into ruin around him. He ignored his advisor and hid away in the keep in Rhustor, letting the country collapse.

Those around him did not sit idly by, and did what they could, but eventually the general population lost hope, for The Idol had been a figure of hope and inspiration for the entire history of the country. For Fileius to attain the title, many thought, was a sign that the country was doomed, and things had become steadily worse for the four years Fileius was Icon.

His reign ended when he fell from the highest balcony on the keep in Rhustor. Whether he fell because he was drunk, or was pushed, no one knew and little effort was taken to find out. But Fileius had had no heirs, for he had never taken a wife. Thus, the line of BladeBright was forever broken.

Those nieces and nephews which were left who still had the name did what they could. They formed a council, and called themselves The Seekers; thirteen men and women who democratically decided upon the affairs of state.

But many people of Magador refused to accept this new kind of alien leadership and without the respect that the title of Idol brought with it, The Seekers struggled to get anything done.

The situation has changed little since that day. Magador fragmented into city-states, and while The Seekers are officially still look to be the ruling government, their dealings with some of the other cities are non-existent. Their main strength is their bond with Oun, and it is through the Seekers that soliders from Oun are deployed within Magador's borders. This helps keep the peace, in places, as Ounish troops are more than a match for bandits and other trouble makers. It also allows Oun to watch their borders, for if the ghreal attack, the would likely do so though Magador first.

Magador remains fractured in a war-torn state which does not look like it will find any resolution in the near future.

There are a great many wild beasts which roam the untamed planes, forests and mountains of Magador. Giant spiders lurk in trees, kakeri live in caves and along the shorelines, ogres and night hounds sleep and hunt upon the planes. Worse still, small bands of demons have been known to infest small areas. Minor creatures such as the Ulthin often raid travelers, caravans and small settlements. There have also been sightings of even more dangerous and terrifying creatures of Inferis such as Drath and Reapers.

Where these creatures are coming from no one knows, though it is suspected that the close proximity to Ghrea, and thus an over exposure to Black Arc magic, is largely to blame.

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