A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Writings - Sagas

Herein you will find  more in-depth  accounts of important,  lengthy events in Iiosia's history.

  • The Great War - the war which ended the Age of Wonder. This chronicals the events which led  to the beginnings of the war and the occurances during  the years which it was fought.
  • The Sundering - the ending of The Great War, and the birth of Iiosia.
  • Histories of the Ghreal - an account of how the race of the ghreal came to be, their affect on Magador, and their decline.
  • Histories of Magador - Magador is a war-torn and lawless place, and herein are the accounts of how it came to be so.
  • Histories of Rune - the empire of Rune was forged during a dual-invasion and has faced several threat since.

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