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Welcome to Iiosia

What is Iiosia? (eye-OH-see-ah)

IIosia World Map

Once, long ago, I wrote a short story. It was a fantasy story, and it involved a quest for revenge that took the hero across a fictional, magical land. I made a map of this land, and later added to it with another map I made for another story.

This is how Iiosia started. The more I wrote, the more I needed to have a single, cohesive world to set my tales upon. Iiosia is that world. It is entirely of my own making, and I have populated it with races and peoples some of which you may recognize, and some of which you won’t.

It is a magical fantasy world of differing peoples and places, who are caught up in a turbulent and war mongering time. The forces of magic are in turmoil, and threats face kingdoms from both within and without. Armies march, cities crumble, and adventurers, heroes, and villains embark on quests of daring, riches, and danger.

It is a land that I enjoy developing purely for the satisfaction of doing so. I have no illusions about it being the next Middle-Earth - it's not. I've been influenced by many sources and they no doubt show in these pages, but I've done my best to create a world that is unique enough to call it my own.


Where Next?

Visit the forums for the lastest news of what's been happening on the site , as well as  my  thoughts and musings about  the hobby in general.

I advise new visitors to work their way through the site  by going to the General section first for a broad overview of the world, and then explore as you will from there. Or just click around and see what takes your  fancy.

I've not done all this alone - take a look at the Credits page, where I list a myriad of great people and resources that have helped make this world what it is. Or you can take a look at the page on Developer Notes, wherein I talk about how Iiosia has grown and evolved since it's conception.

Contact Me

Want to write me? I truly would love to hear from you if you have anything to say about Iiosia. Any comments, suggestions, or ideas you might have, any typos you've seen (trust me, there are sure to be many), or anything, anything at all, please Contact Me.

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